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About flux

Our Journey to flux

In the beginning, our real estate company was about helping ourselves and our bottom line. Helping others was always just a byproduct from what we did to help ourselves. This constant need to 'win' lead to an emotional burn-out for our team. We had a lack of purpose and fulfillment and longed for a mission that had more impact than profit. We realized that, in order to grow our business and be fulfilled as leaders, we needed to find our WHY.  In an industry so obsessed with profits, stats and winning- WHY do we do what we do beyond being “the #1 Realtor”?  Even more importantly, could we use our talent and knowledge of the industry to help others above and beyond a transaction?

In our personal and professional state of FLUX, our business began to reveal itself. We started to peel back the layers and become more transparent with what each other wanted out of this ‘job’ long-term. It became clear that our values and long term goals were not in alignment with our business model and it was better off if we followed our true paths. This allowed us the gift of starting over.

We started to reflect on our core values: not only what we aspire to have but WHY we aspire to have it and how we can use real estate to get there. What we realized was that the fulfillment was not in helping ourselves make money, it was from helping others achieve their goals and watching them grow. This way of thinking has changed the way we look at team members. Our new goal is to go deep, not wide. To pour everything into our people in order for them to better themselves, their families, their communities and then hopefully the world! 

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What is most important to us?


The long-term goal is to create a real estate company that inspires our team to make an impact in the overall state of our world. We want to leave a lasting, positive impact on our environment that will carry-on long after our mission. 


Our Mission at Flux is to challenge the current approach to real estate by keeping our customers at the center of everything we do. We will embrace change, inspire creativity and empower others to achieve their goals and have a lasting impact in their community and on our planet. 


We have 7 core values that guide our team:

1. Be Humble
2. Be Hungry
3. Be Transparent
4. Always Embrace Change
5. Always Be Kind and Show Gratitude
6. Always Take a Full-Circle Approach
7. Always Help Others Before Helping Yourself 

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