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3 Important Lessons We Learned Our First Year as a New Real Estate Brokerage

Monday, June 3, 2019   /   by Robyn Burley

3 Important Lessons We Learned Our First Year as a New Real Estate Brokerage

It's crazy how fast the first year in business goes...

It is one of the most exciting, terrifying, exhausting and rewarding experiences we have ever gone through.

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Although this past year has had its ups and downs, we have learned 3 very important lessons that have shaped who we are today and who we will become in the future...

1. Patience is Powerful

I'm sure you've heard it before: Business is a marathon NOT a sprint!

Although we have learned that (in some ways) you need to move FAST in real estate, sprinting too quickly more often leads to avoidable missteps rather than success.

Steady growth requires patience and time BUT is far more sustainable and (in our experience) has been a key to our success year 1!

2. Put People First (then Innovate)

In a saturated market like real estate, it's SO easy to make decisions based on what is trending in the industry.

Instead of looking at what your competition does to innovate and imitating that; the framework of your decisions should be based on the wants & needs of your clients as well as your team!

Putting people first, listening to what it is they truly desire and figuring out how to help them achieve that will always lead to success (and more importantly: purpose and fulfillment in your work!)

3. Embrace Fear & Break SH*T!

It’s not enough to just embrace fear, you have to be willing to BREAK SH*T!

Try something new, get it wrong, figure out an alternative strategy and try again!

F.L.U.X (Fail. Learn. Understand. eXecute) ... and repeat!

Testing and retesting is essential to figuring out what works (and repeating this is how you continue to innovate and grow!)

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Thank you so much for all of your love and support along the way.

We are so excited to see what year 2 brings!

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