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Tuesday, October 16, 2018   /   by Robyn Burley

What is Your Home Worth? 3 TIPS to determining an accurate sale value!

Your home no longer makes you feel happy and comforted like it used to.???.Maybe you don’t have enough space ? . or the neighborhood is not what you want for your future ?
You’re finally ready to take the leap and move on to your next home. ?????? ?

Looking online, you find some properties you can really see yourself, your partner and your family making new memories in. ?????
Before you fall in love with a new home, you want to know what your current home is worth. ?????
Perhaps the sale of your current home will determine what can afford in the home of your dreams.?????
???? ... So what determines the value of a home? ???
There are 3?? things to consider when deciding on a price that makes sense for the successful sale of your home:?
1?? The condition of your home.?
Have you made any improvements? Renovations? Upgrades??
2?? The location of your home.?
What neighbo ...

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